Erwin Paul Dieseldorff was something of a renaissance man for the Alta Verapaz in Guatemala. Born in Hamburg on June 10, 1868, he immigrated to Guatemala at the age of twenty to join his uncle and cousin, who had established themselves as merchants and coffee planters some years before. Shortly after his arrival he volunteered to accompany a German cartographer who was mapping out the Verapaz area, and while traipsing around its mountains and valleys he acquired an intimate knowledge of the lay of the land.

Seeking to learn the coffee business, he apprenticed himself to a German coffee plantation near Retalhuleu. But he lasted only a few months; he was itching to start on his own and he returned to Coban to purchase his own plantation. For the next three years he lived on the plantation in more or less the same fashion as his Kekchi Indian workers in a thatched hut, subsisting on corn and beans. His hard work and dedication paid off and he slowly expanded, buying other coffee plantations and acquiring the machinery to process his product. By the 1920’s he was the largest landowner and coffee producer in Alta Verapaz and he had achieved complete vertical integration of every phase of coffee production and marketing. In addition to his own production, he bought and marketed the coffee of other growers who did not have the facilities to process their own coffee, and in this way he became the dominant figure in the coffee industry of Alta Verapaz. 

Dieseldorff became passionate about the detailed process of carrying the coffee bean from the plantation to the cup for a truly unforgettable experience. Today, in every cup, you can experience the same passion and dedication that E. P. Dieseldorff established in an artisan roasting process that we still use to this day… More than 125 years later. Take a sip back in time to experience coffee the way it used to be;

Coffee the way it was meant to be.